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Starting a scrap metal business

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Maybe you've worked out "how do I sell scrap metal", but if you want to start a scrap metal business or you're working out how to become a scrap metal dealer and get paid for scrap metal, you should know that officialdom is doing its best to crack down on metal theft.

As insurance brokers (who specialise in scrap van insurance .. more on that later) we talk to lots of people who sell scrap metal every day, and although this page is not official advice nor guaranteed to be complete or correct; to the best of our knowledge if you want to start and keep a profitable scrap metal business, you need at least to comply with the following regulations, and the simple answer to "do I need a licence to collect scrap metal?" is yes (in the UK, at least). Actually, you might need more than one, read on:

A recent Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check for everyone involved

(To start scrap metal business you'll first need a DBS check in order to apply for your Scrap Metal Dealer's licence. Previously called a CRB check.)

How to get a Scrap Metal Dealer's licence

To be a scrap metal dealer in England and Wales, you'll need a site or mobile collector's licence issued by your local council. (Example charge £150)

That licence can be revoked if you accept scrap metal from someone without verifying their name and address or if you buy scrap metal for cash.

If yours is a site licence, it must be displayed in a prominent place, accessible to the public, at each site identified in the licence.

If yours is a mobile collector's licence, it must be displayed on any vehicle you are using for business so it can be easily read by a person outside the vehicle.

So if you're wondering how to get a scrap metal license, start your application using the link above.

A Waste Carrier's Licence

For transporting scrap metal there is new scrap metal legislation and so .. you now need another licence. If you transport any type of waste regularly for your business, you will need to register with the Environment Agency. This is a new requirement, in force from 1 January 2014

Register with the Environment Agency probably in the 'upper tier' (which costs £154 for three years (renewal is £105)) and follow their rules regarding the transport, storage and trading of waste.

This page details some of the paperwork you are obliged to keep.

Correct scrap van insurance / scrap metal dealer insurance for transporting scrap metal

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