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Buy to let insurance

Get very competitive 'buy to let' insurance cover with just one phone call using our broker experience to get you exactly the landlord insurance cover you need.

Our rates are excellent for a range of UK landlords, whether you are an individual landlord who 'rents out' a property or professional landlord with a portfolio of properties.

We can run an extensive 'buy to let' insurance comparison on your behalf, gather quotes, compare them, and provide you with a cheap buy to let insurance quote for any type of resident (professional tenants, DSS, unoccupied, asylum seekers, students, etc.)

We are rarely beaten on price.

Save time and hassle, use us to compare buy to let insurance policies for you and arrange the insurance cover you need for, for example:

  • Property
  • Landlords' contents
  • Property owners liability
  • Rent guarantee
  • Loss of rent (eg. if there's a fire that takes six months to repair, covers the loss of rent over the period)
  • Employer's liability
  • Terrorism
  • Legal expenses
  • Multi-properties including with different renewal dates

Get in touch and see if we can give you your best quote.

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Use the enquiry form on this page and we'll call you back at your convenience during office hours (be sure to leave a number we can contact you on).

If you prefer to phone, during office hours you can call us on 0161 480 0170 to get answers directly from one of our specialists.

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